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Palomar Property Management & Realty. Let Our Experts Find Your Next Home for Sale.

Owning the home of your dreams can be easy and affordable when you let the real estate experts at Palomar Property Management & Realty help.

Why work with us?

  1. Palomar Property Management & Realty is comprised of a team which has been in the real estate industry since 1990.  Longevity in this market brings much insight to our clients who are buying, selling, renting and investing.
  2. As individuals who have invested in our own properties that we live in, rent out and manage, we understand your concerns for finding the perfect place, having a smooth and enjoyable experience in the acquisition of the property, and then having peace of mind knowing the purchase was a wise one.
  3. Palomar Property Management & Realty helps renters become homeowners.
  4. Palomar Property Management & Realty helps owners confidently rent and manage those rentals so you have peace of mind and money in the bank.
  5. Our extended network of service professionals enables us to help take care of all the details you need throughout the home buying process.
  6. Communication and high attention to detail is not only key to our years of property management and home buying, our founder, John Boruff has extensive training in getting to the bottom line quickly, mediating conflicts, and producing a positive outcome for those he works with. John simply knows how to get things done with a straight forward communication style. His tenants and home buyers appreciate that.
  7. Bonus: Palomar Property Management & Realty specializes in keeping the property liquid. Meaning: they place great tenants, tenants become buyers, buyers become investors, and then the investors get great tenants from the White Glove Process found here!

I am a current Palomar Property Management & Realty Tenant and want to know how to buy a home.

This is my first time working with Palomar Property Management & Realty. I am looking for a home to own!